Here are the ‘beards of Brazil’ just incase you are inspired to grow some facial hair of your own and want to look like one of your favourite footballers. Sadly only Pirlo can truly pull off his look, so don’t even try it!

I’m a pretty cynical person. It might be age but I am always a little bit skeptical at almost every decision made by the footballing governing bodies. It is unfortunate that the people who run this wonderful game should be viewed as being untrustworthy, but lets face it, they have brought it on themselves. Money […]

  What better way to watch the football than relaxing on your sofa…….surrounded by thousands of other people. The German club 1.FC Union Berlin have transformed their ‘Stadion An der Alten Försterei’ into a giant living room for the World Cup. To do this they have used thousands of rolls of wallpaper and brought in hundreds […]

Quick question. What is the largest football stadium in the world? The Azteca in Mexico City? Nope, it only holds 105,000. The Camp Nou in Barcelona? Not that either, it holds a measly 99,354. The real answer to this question is one that you will quite possibly will have never heard of, and it holds 250,000 […]

It must be the greatest moment of your footballing career being able to step out at the World Cup representing your country. You stand there with your hand on your heart belting out your national anthem alongside your teammates, coaches and fans. Call me old fashioned but I assumed that players playing in the World […]