Why FIFA are bad…

One final piece about the negativity surrounding the World Cup…(I love football, honest!)

Football is a wonderful thing. It can unite nations, it can bring people together and it can help communities in an incredibly positive way. Right now I am watching several Algerians in tears at the prospect of qualifying for the next stage of the World Cup, that is how much football means to people.

However…those at the top of the tree in world football have managed to somehow lose sense of what this sport should actually be about. FIFA has a snappy slogan under its logo and it reads “for the good of the game”, but for a long time now it seems as though this is not what FIFA actually achieves.

The ins and outs of what they do badly would take far too long to discuss, so an easier way to digest some of what they do is available in this superb video form John Oliver’s show ‘Last Week Tonight’. He basically manages to sum up exactly how many of us feel about the sport we love so much, and that basically it is a win/win situation for those at FIFA. Why? Because we all know just how bad they are and how much they are screwing the game with greed and corruption, but how many of us actually do anything about it? None of us, because it is football and we love it regardless.