The largest football stadium in the world…

Quick question. What is the largest football stadium in the world? The Azteca in Mexico City? Nope, it only holds 105,000. The Camp Nou in Barcelona? Not that either, it holds a measly 99,354.

The real answer to this question is one that you will quite possibly will have never heard of, and it holds 250,000 people. Yes you read that correctly, it holds a quarter of a million people. Now it is at this point I have to admit that this stadium was never really used for a ‘normal’ football match, and instead it was really just used for mass displays and (unbelievably) synchronised gymnastics. However it does list football as one of the sports previously played at the arena.

The stadium in question is the Strahov Stadium in Prague. Here it is during the  1930s and 40s –



Prag, Stadion, Sokolfest




It is now home to Sparta Prague’s training complex and holds 9 full football pitches within the grounds. It is also used for concerts and is possibly going to be changed into a retail and commercial area in the future.