The Deutschland Unterschied Entscheidungsträger

The ‘difference makers’ (or unterschied entscheidungsträger), Germany simply have more of them.

As we approach the World Cup final I am more than happy to announce that I love German football but those that know me know that already. So as far as tonight goes it is Deutschland for me.

It is more than just loyalty though, Germany do have more difference makers than Argentina. They have a spine to their team that is unrivalled in international football and they have a team unity that is just simply not there when you look at other nations.

For me Germany have six really big players. These players make them tick, give them strength and provide a core to their team that will make sure they keep going until the very end. It is this core that I firmly believe will see Germany win tonight.

Manuel Neuer, Mats Hummels, Philipp Lahm, Sami Khedira,Thomas Müller and the most German person ever Bastian Schweinsteiger.

These six are the unterschied entscheidungsträger (I hope that translation is right). Of course Germany are blessed with other talented players but what Hummels et al bring to the team is a determination and drive that gels the whole thing together.

hummels_ibwm khedira_ibwm lahm_ibwm mller_ibwm neuer_ibwm schweinsteiger_ibwm

So all that is left is for them to go out and do the business. That, and hope that Messi doesn’t spoil the party. C’mon Germany!