Sad fans…

One of the great spectacles of each World Cup is the colour and atmosphere provided by fans all across the world. It really is a sight to behold. The unfortunate downside to all of this is that when things go wrong you invariably have grown adults in emotional turmoil. Tears, dejection, uncontrollable wailing. Of course this all happens whilst the fans are dressed in silly hats or fancy dress. Which either makes the whole thing a lot worse or (if you are me) provides some kind of light relief. There is something quite funny about┬áseeing grown adults cry whilst wearing face paint. It isn’t always like this, I actually do feel sorry for some of these fans. However there is a part of me that finds the whole thing quite funny.

Now this post might seem a little cruel but it is okay for me to do this for two reasons…

1. I am a football fan so I know how they feel. I too have been that crying adult.

2. I am a Scotland fan so this is partly down to bitter jealousy.

So here we are, the sad fans of the World Cup…









Fans of Chile react after their team loses against Brazil during World Cup screening in downtown Santiago

A Chile's fan reacts after losing their 2014 World Cup round of 16 game against Brazil  at the Mineirao stadium in Belo Horizonte

Fans of Bosnia cry after watching telecast of 2014 World Cup match between Bosnia and Nigeria on main square in Sarajevo

England fans react at the end of their team's 2014 World Cup Group D soccer match against Uruguay in Sao Paulo

USA fan Steve Essex crouches with a U.S. flag after the U.S. was defeated by Belgium, in Redondo Beach





The favourite for photographers is always the ‘man alone in stands’ shot.

There is however one sad fan that is immune to all of this mocking. He is now an icon for all sweet little old men everywhere. It is this man…

CYJNTlwThis guy is off limits when it comes to laughing at sad fans. You cannot look at pictures of him and not feel sorry for this little old man. He even donated his trophy to a woman after the Brazil v Germany game, that is how great he is.



So I am sorry sad fans. Sorry for laughing at you, it is all jealousy really. That and the fact that I know that this may well be me over the course of the coming season. I will say though, if you are insistent on dressing up as a lion to go to the football try not to cry, it is a little bit funny for people like me.