Football photo of the day…


This is a topless man on the cover of US magazine Adweek. Of course we all know him as America’s Tim Howard and the reason I have chosen this photo is not because of his tattoos or chiseled torso but because of the post-World Cup life that awaits him.

Tim Howard’s heroic display for the USA team against Belgium has resulted in him becoming a bit of a media sensation in America and as we all know anything in the States can be marketed. It has been said that Howard can fully expect new sponsors and new marketing opportunities off the back of his display in the World Cup round of sixteen. Deals with McDonalds and Nike already exist but even more lucrative deals are set to follow.

I know it must be hard being knocked out of the biggest tournament in the world but it must be made a little easier when you have a big payday coming your way.

This is the face of modern football.