“Football + Water = Life”

This is an amazing idea and a wonderful facility created and developed by the charity PITCHAfrica. Based in Kenya it is a school campus that doubles as a water collection facility. The buildings and structures are designed to collect water and provide a supply for people in the area. Underneath the structures are reservoirs and water filtration systems that hold the water for the people who need it. The idea seems so simple and yet it can make a huge difference to people’s lives. It can collect around 1.5million litres of water a year for the local area.

Construction of the buildings with the water reservoir underneath the floor.

In the middle of all of this is a football pitch that also doubles up as the home to the Samuel Eto’o football academy. The pitch itself can be used for a variety of sports and events with the aim of brining people together. Football once again has shown that it can galvanise a community and give people something to look forward to.



There is an ability to collect and store water through the pitch itself, and for many years there have been a number of different prototypes that allow the collection of rainwater through a playing field.

A specially designed football pitch that allows the collection of rainwater.

It is such an amazing concept and it is attempting to address one of the main problems faced in Africa. Water shortage is a real danger, so to have buildings that act as ‘water banks’ is a major boost. It isn’t just the football pitch, the surrounding facilities also collect (and store) water for local people. The idea behind having a school and football/sports area together is simple, it will bring people together and add to the local community.

It is not only in Kenya but in Senegal and Nigeria that PITCHAfrica are currently working in. Hopefully they can take it further. It is such an obvious and effective way of using technology for good whilst providing education and a safe environment for people that need it.

Check out PITCHAfrica and Waterbanks for more information on these amazing projects.