The Borisov Arena

Behold the home of BATE Borisov…


BATEIt is safe to say that the Borisov Arena is one of the more oddly designed stadiums you might ever see. Built over three years it was opened in 2014 and plays host to the Belarusian champions BATE Borisov. The capacity of the stadium is not as big as you might think (it holds  just under 13,000) but that doesn’t stop it being an incredibly unique venue.

ofis-architects-football-stadium-arena-borisov-designboom-01 ofis-architects-football-stadium-arena-borisov-designboom-07 ofis-architects-football-stadium-arena-borisov-designboom-08 ofis-architects-football-stadium-arena-borisov-designboom-09 ofis-architects-football-stadium-arena-borisov-designboom-10The Belarusian national team also play their games at the arena and there are plans for further events to be hosted here. It is also a stadium that hosts many local events and community initiatives, with the aim of helping the local area.



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