FC Santa Claus

Six miles south of the Arctic Circle lies the Finnish town of Rovaniemi.logo It is the capital of Lapland and is the ‘Official Hometown of Santa Claus’. You would think that with the town being so closely linked to Father Christmas that the local football team would have some kind of tie in with the legendary figure. You would be right.

The Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi
The Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi

In 1993 two local football teams in Rovaniemi decided to merge together. When deciding on a name for the newly formed football team the discussions between FC Rovaniemen Reipas and FC Rovaniemen Lappi led to a simple conclusion. Why not just name the new team FC Santa Claus? So they did.


FC Santa Claus currently play in the fourth tier of Finnish football but that is set to finishKakkonen soon as the football season is now over in Finland and they have just secured promotion to the Kakkonen league (the third tier).

The club have also just announced a link with WorldSoccerShop meaning that all things FC Santa Claus related can now be purchased for the football fan that can’t get enough of Christmas!

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I’m sure that FC Santa Claus would love to wish everyone all over the world a very Merry Christmas!