Cal Gildart has featured on this blog before (Adidas Classics). In his latest project he has created a series of ten prints inspired by artist Roy Lichtenstein.

These are great…

0b0bc27977fbcba815e13a9ef760af2d 9f7f66b5a303c97f1fe83366f3f7007b 599ae79d5f92d92071374893b55755d4 948f2b34c4df34e78beccc759c3a596a 6461f6875310be75c395b3e792fdc67c 7935511fd322653bc54e4f8ab2be3718 cf747f148a61a4e8391a2da29e7eaaed d781b2628b752499985b1e46ebc6d2d0 d31406eb8c75fd18087893ac51f0676d fdc779be6017b6e9060d15d3c2b6d47b

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