When a Stadium Dies

Okay, first things first, the stadium you are about to see isn’t technically a football stadium BUT it has hosted many football matches (the World Cup included).


What happens when you leave a stadium to die? The answer can be seen at the Pontiac Silverdome just outside Detroit, Michigan. 489px-New_Lions_Logo.svgThe stadium opened in 1975 and was the home to the NFL side the Detroit Lions (also the soccer team the Detroit Express). As a venue it was used for Baseball, Basketball, concerts, Wrestlemania and even a papal visit by Pope John Paul II (which brought in a record crowd of over 93,000 people).

After 31 years the decision was made in 2006 to close the stadium and it has been pretty much empty ever since. There were sporadic events inside the giant arena up until 2010 but it has not hosted anything of note in over four years. Indeed the owners of the stadium have recently auctioned off everything in the stadium (seats were being sold for $100 each). There isn’t much hope for the future of the stadium so now all that exists is a giant, empty carcass.

If you have ever wondered what an abandoned ‘ghost’ stadium the size of the Silverdome looks like then take a look at these…

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