What’s in a name?

Perennial Underachievers

United. City. Rovers. Town. Athletic.

These names are synonymous with football, and in particular British football. However, travel further afield and you will find yourself looking at names of football teams and thinking “huh?”. This is especially true of German football with its ‘Borussias’, ‘FSVs’ and ‘TSVs’. The Germans love a complicated name.

So what do they all mean? What do these letters and numbers in German football actually stand for? Well wonder no more! Here is a list of all the Bundesliga teams and the meanings behind their names.

Before I start I need to explain the name of a team not in the Bundesliga. I am a huge TSV 1860 Munich fan so it only makes sense that I start with them. With 1860 it is important to know two things. Firstly TSV 1860 Munich didn’t actually start playing football until 1899 and secondly, the full name for them is Turn-und Sportverein München von 1860

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