I think most football fans always look out for good pubs to watch the football in. If you are a football fan in Paris there is clearly only one winner, ‘Le Ballon FC’.

“Not just a sport bar – a clubhouse – for our community and league. We serve fresh food, cold beer and a raucous atmosphere for just about anything that involves kicking a ball. Shots on the bar or just shots on goal, we’ve got you covered either way.”


le-ballon-fc-12elfth-man-football-design-1 le-ballon-fc-12elfth-man-football-design-2 le-ballon-fc-12elfth-man-football-design-3 le-ballon-fc-12elfth-man-football-design-4 le-ballon-fc-12elfth-man-football-design-5 le-ballon-fc-12elfth-man-football-design-6 le-ballon-fc-12elfth-man-football-design-7

If an incredibly cool bar is not enough then the guys at Ballon FC also have an ridiculously well organised amateur league affiliated with the pub. It seems as though if you are a football addict and live in Paris this is where you go!




Le_Ballon_FC_Claire_Fontaine_Fennetaux_Le_Ballon_FC_Claire_Fontaine_Fennetaux_L1001644.JPG_020_020-1024x686 UGO7138-1024x682Le_Ballon_FC_Claire_Fontaine_Fennetaux_Le_Ballon_FC_Claire_Fontaine_Fennetaux_L1001653.JPG_027_027-1024x686 UGO7348-1024x682Loads more to see at www.leballonfc.com. It looks like football heaven!


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