It’s all about the hair…

There have been countless examples through the years of footballers sporting some pretty unique and quite iconic hairstyles. So with that in mind artist Jack Carpenter (working with Manchester Web Design) decided to create some images featuring some of those legendary cuts.

4c5abb455a0bd7f7b599cce3eb59f9f3-723x1024 4d57c4d2f4f108a731451ca44c467411-723x1024 511a8368e9fadbd3189e7b9c190c185e-817x1024 8090c6b7c585d46536fde6b89ffbbe40-740x1024 97130d1d945e1530f54dbe7cedfdb219-723x1024 3414703c7163c348c4f0043217518549-723x1024 bbf753b22474d52c8d3d486cf41f2c47-723x1024 bf8287a1331e6911d85c0a2b0822a6f4-723x1024 cb53077df50c10c0b1235b499649f5db-723x1024 e0fd6602a4c5ae51d84893ba57c87bdf-751x1024 f3771c6de54a301d858f0f6874eb5119-723x1024

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