Next Goal Wins

This is finally on Sky Movies. If you haven’t watched this yet you should be ashamed of yourself!

Perennial Underachievers

The tiny island nation of American Samoais home to roughly 60,000 people. 1280px-Flag_of_American_Samoa.svgA beautiful set of islands set in the Southern Pacific, it is a nation that most people will never set foot on and many will have never heard of.

If you are a football fan though, you might know one fact about the nation of American Samoa. You might know that in 2001 the national football team faced Australia in a 2002 World Cup qualifying match and lost. This wasn’t any loss though, this was a 31-0 record-breaking loss that made headlines worldwide. The loss was so bad that FIFA had to change the way qualification was carried out to try to avoid another defeat like this.

Fast forward a decade and American Samoa are rooted to the bottom of the FIFA world rankings. They are the world’s worst team lying in 203rd place.


Step in filmmakers Mike…

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