Epiphany Part One

What a wonderful idea. For us as football fans there are tiny moments of football that we will always remember watching on TV. Those memories are like little flashbulbs that appear from time to time and they take us back to those “I was watching that…” moments. With that in mind it is a big hats off to Robert Davies, an artist and designer who has created a series of “epiphanies” featuring iconic moments of footballing greatness.

“Sourcing film from each World Cup tournament since 1930 (17 championships to 2002) I have been scrutinizing the footage to uncover the decisive moments, or ‘epiphanies’, from the history of the world’s most popular sporting event. Each picture is a detail from a crucial passage of play and is imprinted on our collective memory.”

So, here are these “epiphanies’ from 1930-1966 (not many of us will remember these!)

1930 – 1966

Carrizo Charlton-Tilkowski Eusebio Ghiggia J-Charlton Parlier Pele Tilkowski Vava


Part 2 featuring 1970-1986 tomorrow!