Okay, okay so this blog is more than a bit full of these kinds of posts regarding football shirts being redesigned. From Social Networks to Game of Thrones to fashion houses I have featured them all, but some of them are just too good to ignore. This latest one falls into to the utterly brilliant category of redesign and it comes from the people at Spanish blog La Casaca.

This is a mashup between current kits and iconic artists, each with some kind of link to the club or country shown on the strip. We have Van Gogh and Holland, Jackson Pollock with New York and Picasso joining up with Malaga (along with a few others).

These really are brilliant…



Holland – Vincent van Gogh



Barcelona – Joan Miró

c d

Boca Juniors – Quinquela Martín

e f

New York Cosmos – Jackson Pollock

g h

Paris Saint Germain – Claude Monet

i j

Málaga – Pablo Picasso o p  

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