Women’s World Cup 2015

The 2015 Women’s World Cup is now up and running. It is the biggest in the tournament’s history having been expanded to 24 nations. The hosts Canada expect huge crowds and a record breaking tournament (as well as a controversial one with the introduction of artificial pitches). Favourites for the trophy are Germany, with the USA and Japan close behind.

Here are some images from the first few matches…

27ce8dc3367445288c4a01cc10c2f70f-27ce8dc3367445288c4a01cc10c2f70f-0 2015-06-09T204323Z_1156421036_NOCID_RTRMADP_3_SOCCER-WOMEN-S-WORLD-CUP-COLOMBIA-AT-MEXICO 2015-06-09T233018Z_15478814_GF10000122432_RTRMADP_3_SOCCER  04788602 476146950 476260492 476381876 476393510 TS-Was8933272 TS-Was8933481-2657 Was8933572

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