The local footballers were excited to hear about the new football pitch in Tonciu. In the tiny Romanian village the locals needed a new surface to hone their skills. There was one stumbling block though…

As part of the planning of this new facility the construction required the removal of a large oak tree. The locals still wanted the new pitch but put pressure on the developers to keep the tree. Over £12,500 was spent on floodlights, turf and fencing but despite all of this investment the builders were left in an awkward position to build AROUND the tree. Yup, the construction started whilst ‘tree-gate’ was in full flow but by the time the decision was made it was too late.The result is something totally bizarre and pretty stupid…

tree-part-2_3357964b Tree-on-a-football-pitch Tree-on-a-football-pitch-2 PAY-Tree-on-football-pitch PAY-Tree-on-football-pitch-2

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