Unquestionable Loyalty.

Who says footballers are not a loyal bunch? In the modern age of year to year contracts and multiple clubs it is always nice to hear a story that shows that football can still be a game of emotion, attachment and club loyalty.


In the last few days it has been announced that Marcell Jansen has decided to retire from football at the age of 29. That is a young age for someone who is not injury prone and has 45 caps for Germany (plus nearly 300 Bundesliga appearances). 800px-HSV-Logo.svgFor anyone who doesn’t know Jansen he has spent the majority of his career in Hamburg playing for HSV. Having started out playing for his home club of Borussia Mönchengladbach the fullback moved to Bayern Munich before signing for Hamburg in 2007. Jansen had a long and successful spell for the German national team but agonisingly missed out on the final World Cup squad last summer. Following a difficult 2014/15 season the decision was made to release Jansen from his contract at HSV.

Marcell Jansen 


Rather than find another club (something he would have been able to do with relative ease) the German decided it was time to call a halt to his footballing career. He gave the following reason –

“I thought about it on holiday. There were a lot of good offers but for me carrying on is not an option,” Jansen told German newspaper Bild. “I am fit, can move on a free transfer, could still earn good money but I prefer to renounce the money.

“In the last few years I was very emotionally tied to HSV. I will continue to live in Hamburg and will always love this club. Gladbach, of course, as well. But now some new club? No, I don’t want to lie or deceive some other club or fans when I am no longer fully behind it. I can’t just suddenly kiss another badge now. That wouldn’t be right. I am myself too much of a fan for that.”

Pretty honest stuff and although it might seem strange it is a very positive decision for him personally by the sounds of things. Janssen proves that football is still about the sport and still about the passion at the end of the day. Hats of to him then and all the best for the future!