It has been a while since we have had a look at some match day posters so it is great to stumble across some more and see more clubs use these to advertise their events and games. LA Galaxy have recently started doing posters for game-days and much like some other sides that create these you can buy the posters online. Here are the posters for this season…

May 27 vs. Real Salt Lake (Neil Numberman) - Imgur May 22 vs. Houston Dynamo (Chris Moran) - Imgur March 21 vs. Houston Dynamo (Cameron Lewis) - Imgur June 24 vs. Portland Timbers (Richie Pope) - Imgur June 20 vs. Philadelphia Union (Hana Asano) - Imgur June 6 vs. Vancouver Whitecaps (Nick Iluzada) - Imgur July 21 vs. FC Barcelona (Noah MacMillan) - Imgur July 17 vs. San Jose Earthquakes (Simon Prades) - Imgur July 11 vs. Club America (TheTonus) - Imgur July 4 vs. Toronto FC (Robert Generette III) - Imgur GAVKvd9 April 18 vs. Sporting KC (Kris Mukai) - Imgur April 12 vs. Seattle Sounders (Oliver Barrett) - Imgur

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