Welcome back Mathieu!


It is always nice when a returning hero comes back to visit their old club, even when it might be as a player for a new side. Not really the case however if you are Mathieu Valbuena who returned last night to Marseille after a year in Russia. The now Lyon player was at the centre of an incredible night of football that saw a first half that should have had about three red cards, then shortly after half-time the game had to be abandoned for 20 minutes as supporters pelted the Lyon players with bottles and flares.


In between all of this was an end to end thriller that ended 1-1 (10 man Marseille actually were galvanised with the stoppage and Lyon will feel a little hard done by).

6 5 4 3 2 1

Players and officials have since condemned the actions of a few but in reality the whole crowd were on edge right from the moment the players appeared at the start of the match. Valbuena will be glad that he doesn’t have to return their anytime soon and he actually had two glorious chances to score the winner for Lyon in the dying minutes. Could you imagine the chaos if he did get the winner? Maybe best that he didn’t!