Dynamo Kiev to create a separate section for black supporters?

In short, no. 2000px-FC_Dynamo_Kyiv_logo.svgThat isn’t the end of the story however as it did initially seem like the club’s stadium director had announced plans to possibly house their black supporters in a separate section of the ground. This was in response to an attack on four black men during the Ukrainians’ Champions League match with Chelsea last week.


Interviewed after the match the stadium director Volodimir Spilchenko said a separate section for black fans was an idea that the club might look into, however since then the official line from Kiev has been that in no way would this ever be considered.

“We’ll probably listen to your offer.

“We are trying, maybe, to make a special sector, in order to avoid the manifestation of racism.”

Dynamo Kiev (along with several other Ukrainian sides) have always had a very troublesome past when it comes to issues with race and last week’s attack was not uncommon. Unfortunately the official line from the Ukrainian authorities has always been one of “it isn’t a problem” but the reality of the situation tells otherwise.


UEFA have yet to declare any sanctions against Dynamo Kiev after these attacks but they did fine the club a whopping 15,000 Euros last season for racist chanting in a match against Everton. There would be little surprise if it was another slap on the wrist after this latest incident. UEFA’s record at dealing with discrimination is wilful to say the least, despite high-profile media campaigns they do little to stamp out hatred in football.