In the battle to help people who suffer from Alzheimer’s researchers are constantly trying to not only find a cure but find ways to help alleviate the symptoms. For a condition that savagely attacks a person’s deep memories there has been a surge in therapy that involves evoking pastimes and hobbies. The idea is that […]

A week of photographs from the wonderful ‘Homes of Football‘ website, an ongoing collection of football photographs from Stuart Roy Clarke. The project contains over 100,000 images of football making it one of the largest collections of football photography ever. Today’s image – Dundee take on Dunfermline at Dens Park in 1995.

Don’t worry! As a Scottish football fan when the words football and religion are put together there are terrible thoughts that appear, but fear not this is a more playful take on what happens when football and religion mix.┬áIt is the latest in a long line of posts on this blog that mixes together an […]

Most new fathers have that little feeling that one day their child might, just might, become the greatest footballer of all time. Before that though comes the challenge of naming your newborn. Imagine though, that football and baby naming somehow are connected as if by magic? Well if you want to give your child a […]