Football vs Alzheimer’s

In the battle to help people who suffer from Alzheimer’s researchers are constantly trying to not only find a cure but find ways to help alleviate the symptoms. For a condition that savagely attacks a person’s deep memories there has been a surge in therapy that involves evoking pastimes and hobbies. The idea is that something that is not only very personal but also something enjoyable helps trigger memories and thoughts from the past.

With help from a team of psychologists and specialists in Barcelona the football magazine Libero decided to publish four special editions to help Alzheimer’s patients with memory recollection.

As the magazine itself tells us –

“In 2014, an investigation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona proved that talking about football helps people with Alzheimer’s by improving their memory, attention and especially their mood. And we understood that the life of a patient can be much more bearable if things are explained with football.
That’s why Líbero decided to support this investigation by creating a tool to help the university reach many more patients: a magazine for each decade:40,50,60,70’s.
Four special editions of Líbero were created, as if they had been published decades ago. Four therapeutic tools full of the best moments of the Spanish football from the decades when our Alzheimer’s patients still had their memory intact.”
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Pretty inspirational stuff, and proof that football can be much more than a game.