Current Stars, Future Managers?

Most top, top footballing stars don’t end up being high profile managers. More often than not it is those players who fall under the radar that end up doing very well in management. Will any of this generation’s elite change that and end up in the hot-seat? Well management simulator ‘Top Eleven’ recently mocked up a series of shots that give us a glimpse into the future…

img_cordula_20151016-173939_imagenes_md_otras_fuentes_tottti-kuX-572x572@MundoDeportivo-Web img_cordula_20151016-173931_imagenes_md_otras_fuentes_titi-kuX-572x572@MundoDeportivo-Web img_cordula_20151016-173923_imagenes_md_otras_fuentes_ramossssssssssssssssss-kuX-572x572@MundoDeportivo-Web img_cordula_20151016-173927_imagenes_md_otras_fuentes_messisisis-kuX-572x572@MundoDeportivo-Web img_cordula_20151016-173944_imagenes_md_otras_fuentes_cristianossss-kuX-572x572@MundoDeportivo-Web img_cordula_20151016-173935_imagenes_md_otras_fuentes_ibrahimovic-kuX-572x572@MundoDeportivo-Web

One thing is for sure. Francesco Totti looks utterly terrifying…

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