A series of very stylish World Cup posters by Scottish artist Robert Chalmers.

A short but fun video from the YouTube channel Copa 90 that details the 8 footballing experiences you should try to take in during 2016 (I wish!).

Inter Milan manager Roberto Mancini has accused Napoli boss Maurizio Sarri of using homophobic language towards him during a touchline altercation. “In England, someone like him wouldn’t even be allowed on the touchline,” the ex-Manchester City boss said after last night’s Coppa Italia tie. Mancini, 51, also called his fellow Italian “a racist” without elaborating on […]

Is the Calico Storico the most brutal sport on earth? Judge for yourself but it certainly looks like it! The name (meaning ‘historic football’) comes from the sport created in the the 16th century in ancient Rome. It features incredibly brutal punches and kicks (it is played using both hands and feet) and is played in teams of 27. There […]