3rd Kits Selecciones Adidas

Well I am definitely a sucker for a good old kit design and the best usually end up on LaCasaca.com. The time we have designer ‘Franco’ (follow him on Twitter here) take on Adidas and some alternative ‘3rd’ kits for various countries throughout the world. With Adidas now launching their kits for the next few years, maybe they should have a look at some of these…

Firstly the Scotland effort. Not sure what I make of it (although it is probably better than the current actual kits)


The rest of the collection…

adidas-3-selecciones-11-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-10-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-07-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-05-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-09-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-04-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-06-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-08-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-02-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-01-800x800