The aim of this post is to provide a ‘live‘ feed of all the contract and transfer activity at Tannadice during the month of January. It will be updated as things are made¬†official by the club. At the time of writing it has just been announced that Scott Fraser is to be out for a […]

I like Dunfermline. East End Park was the first regular away ground for me and my dad so I have always enjoyed going to watch football there. There is also the small matter of the best food in football (I am more than happy to queue behind a dodgy ticket scanner for hours to get […]

Before we move on to the top 5 kits of 2017/18 I think it is important to point out that many of these kits belong to some smaller brands that have been working incredibly hard to get noticed over the past few years. For me, Macron in particular have produced some fantastic strips in recent […]

I don’t feel particularly well today so it is with great pleasure that I get to write a report card on a team that I don’t need to do any research for. It has definitely been an interesting few months at Tannadice and there is no doubt that it will all be fun and games […]

I’m a bit of a football kit anorak. I own more football tops than the average 30 something and I definitely do not have the physique to pull them off. There is a large basket of kits that sits in our spare room and in it there are strips that I have probably only worn […]