The Return of Siggi Jonsson…


This is Sigurður “Siggi” Jónsson. As far as footballing heroes go he is the one for me. Despite only playing 40 or so games for Dundee United he helped me fall in love with football and I will always be grateful (despite the fact that I have never actually met the man).

Through conversations with a couple of people recently I have decided to give this blog thing another go. It has been roughly 11 months since I stopped posting but in the last few weeks I have had the urge to get back to it. This might only last a few weeks or months but I hope to add regular content across a few different footballing topics. I am keen to write about Dundee United more formally but also to give my opinion on some general footballing topics. I will also aim to post regular images, videos and articles of interest whilst maybe offering my opinion on things like football related documentaries and books.

So, here we go again………be patient.