Perennial Underachievers Presents….The Top 10 Kits of 2017/18 – Part One

I’m a bit of a football kit anorak. I own more football tops than the average 30 something and I definitely do not have the physique to pull them off. There is a large basket of kits that sits in our spare room and in it there are strips that I have probably only worn once and a couple that have never even seen the light of day (in these cases I protest that medium should mean medium). This season my football kit obsession has taken on a new meaning as I welcomed my son into the world. It only took a matter of days after his birth for me to begin his own football kit collection (much to the annoyance of my wife). Thus, the cycle continues.

With much of my time spent trawling websites to find new football strips to waste my money on I thought that it might be a good idea to do an end of year list of the best kits to be released for the 2017/18 season (including the World Cup). So, over today and tomorrow, I present to you my definitive top 10.

10. Cruzeiro Home (Umbro)


9. Scotland Home (Adidas)


8. Club Brugge Away (Macron)


7. 1860 Oktoberfest (Macron)

TSV 1860 München 2017 Oktoberfest Kit (12)

6. Odense Thomas Helveg (Hummel)



Part one done, stay tuned for the top 5 some time tomorrow…