I’ll be honest I have no motivation to write this. The Dundee United team that we all witnessed today are, quite frankly, a disgrace. I’m sure a Sports Psychologist would have a field day with the players at the club as, to a man, they seem to suffer from a mental fragility that is truly astonishing. Today was the day that St.Mirren unofficially won the title but to be honest it has been on the cards for weeks now as United, yet again, have capitulated over the festive period and in to January. This is a tale all too familiar and it leaves all of us wondering; what next?

I’m not going to go through the goals (although Morton’s second was a stunning strike worthy of winning any game). I am not going to give player ratings. I am not going to comment on tactics. On 74 minutes I left the game today. Leaving early is something I have only ever done on a handful of occasions but today I made an exception. The United side today didn’t deserve my support, they didn’t deserve the support of anyone. It was embarrising beyond belief. Apparently Csaba Laszlo has kept the players in the changing room since the game but to be honest it won’t make any difference. There is a malaise in this squad and they do not have the mental capacity to fight and claw their way out of this situation. Psychologically it is the weakest side I can remember.

I could go on but I don’t have the energy.

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  1. Not sure if I fully agree with your total demolition of the team but yes it was a demoralising performance. The serious injuries to key players, most of whom would be in the starting line-up if fit, has been significant. Each week now we are playing with a new team and formation, and the introduction of target players has introduced different tactics and style of play at a time when we want consistency. Harry Lewis may be a talent but in these circumstances we need a mature, experienced keeper who gives confidence to the team and who doesn’t buckle under pressure as he is doing. Scott McDonald is very experienced and on his day is still useful but in the twilight of his football career and with another career as a TV pundit his passion for playing the game has all but gone. Jamie Robson’s valuation just took a knock. Quinn is a carthorse. Murdoch had a good game in amongst the mess, as did Stanton, and at least King showed some desire to do something. I waited til 5 mins before the end so I could see Morton’s third and best goal, then left. What next, who knows but lets now face up to not getting automatic promotion and making sure we are second. This is a very difficult league to get out of.


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