A Badge of Honour? Part Two

I know what you are thinking, “was there even a ‘Part One’?” Yes. Yes there was. Just like all good multi-part blog posts I have waited three and a half years to write a follow-up to this much-loved original (you’ll just have to take my word on the “much-loved” bit).

If you were a fan of the original post then you will know that I took 10 awful/bizarre football club badges and presented them to you for judgement. This delayed second post will follow pretty much the same format (but there will only be 6 because I don’t have the time to find 10).

Warriors FC (Singapore)

What do you mean you have never heard of the most successful club in the Singaporean S.League? You may have heard of them but under their old name (you probably haven’t heard of them). Until 2003 ‘Warriors’ were known as Singapore Armed Forces Football Club but then the league association decided that they would force every side to adopt an animal as a mascot and they rejected the SAFFC proposal to have a warrior instead of a random animal. This then left the club with this ridiculous badge…


Limon FC (Costa Rica)

Part of me thinks that having a tornado as a club logo isn’t the worst idea in the world. That part of me is wrong. Despite being an actual top flight side in Costa Rica it is incredible that anyone, anywhere thought that this lime green monstrosity was a good idea. The tornado itself is bizarre (with his tiny arms adding an extra dimension) but the whole crest is just plain awful.



SexyPöxyt (Finland)

Supporting a side in the Finnish 4th tier is, I’d imagine, a pretty hard slog. Things would be made even more difficult if you had to explain to people that the team you follow, in this case SexyPöxyt, are named after underwear. If you are wondering what the word ‘Pöxyt’ actually means it is ‘Pants’. The team are literally called ‘Sexy Pants’. Their logo? Could it be anything else…



FC Show (Norway)

This next logo is FABULOUS. Nothing screams football more than a waiter decked out in pink holding a football on his serving tray. To be fair FC Show sound like they are  actually a pretty well run club who raise a lot of money for charity (the FC Show wet t-shirt car wash being a particular success, check Wikipedia out if you don’t believe me).


AS Marsa (Tunisia)

I don’t like camels. I also don’t like badly drawn animals. When you combine the two, add a terrible colour scheme and try to design a football logo then the result is always going to be a bit rubbish. The Tunisian top flight side really need to have a rethink here…



Bohemians Praha 1905 (Czech Republic)

The story behind this logo is pretty interesting. Back in 1927 AFK Vršovice of Prague took part in a tour of Australia. At the end of the tour they were given two kangaroos and they were donated to the Prague Zoo. Also during the tour the team had adopted the name ‘Bohemians’ to signify the region they were from in the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia back then). they decided to stick with the name and also decided to honour the kangaroos by having one on their new badge.