Let’s get one thing straight, the playoffs are a time for unwavering support. This blog post will be a positive one, a supportive one and one that will hopefully lift the spirits a little.  These upcoming fixtures may lead to nothing but as long as we are in the playoffs the reality is that we […]

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Saturday’s game against Livingston is even being played. For United the focus is now the playoffs (okay we still need a result to guarantee 3rd) and for Livi it will be a case of party mode as they can relax in the knowledge that they have a bit of […]

A week is a long time in football. After I published my St.Mirren match preview I was sent three separate messages via Twitter and Facebook accusing me of being overly pessimistic. I would argue that the match preview didn’t contain anything that wasn’t true and that it was written after a series of very, very […]

Time for something a little different. Back in April of 2011 some close friends and I decided to travel to Germany to see some football. I had always wanted to watch a match abroad and for me the Bundesliga is the best league in Europe. At the time it made sense to see if we […]

Grunwalder Stadium. After being evicted from the Allainz Arena this has once again become the home of 1860 Munich. The capacity at the moment is about 12,000 given various safety concerns but the club have permission to increase this to 15,000. It isn’t known if this is to be the long term home for 1860 […]