A big thank you to everyone who read the first part of this preview (published yesterday, it can be found here). Thank you also to anyone who has given me feedback or sent me messages to comment on my thoughts, even if it was to disagree with me! The Scottish Championship is wildly unpredictable and […]

I’ll be honest I wasn’t going to do a ‘Championship Preview’ this season. I was going to wait a few months because I prefer my mid-season reviews over the start of the season preview. Why? Well probably because I have more to work with and we all know how each side has performed in the […]

Well it happened. We won a game, rejoice! Yesterday’s 4-0 victory over League Two Elgin gave Csaba Laszlo his first win of the new season and hopefully gives the players a bit of a boost ahead of next week’s league opener against Dunfermline. Don’t get me wrong, I still very much have the fear ahead […]

Remember the World Cup? Remember being able to relax and enjoy a few hours of football? Me neither. We head to Elgin tomorrow for our final fixture in this year’s Betfred Cup. I actually like the new format of the tournament and my annoyance at United treating the trophy like pre-season continues. Thankfully tomorrow will […]

Well it is only the 21st of July and already it seems as though this is going to be a season to forget. I understand that some people who are eternal optimists will argue that we are still trying to put a new team together but the reality is we are seeing the same problems […]