Stephen Thompson Leaves Tannadice

Well, well, well, 72 hours seems a long time ago but it was on Tuesday fans were met with the devastating news that a deal to sell Stephen Thompson’s shares in United was off. Fast forward to Friday the 13th and we are now all jubilant as the club have officially announced all of Thompson’s shares have been bought by Mike Martin, Jimmy Fyffe and two unnamed local businessmen with United connections. Safe to say this news has still not sunk in but it looks like this is a momentous day in the history of our club and that Stephen Thompson’s tenure at Tannadice is now, finally, OVER.


What happens next? Nobody knows. It is safe to assume that the first thing the board will want is to clarify who is who and make announcements regarding share purchases, percentages and if Mike Martin will remain as chairman (you would assume he will). I would encourage the new board to look at a working relationship with the DUSF and hopefully this can be put in place (and more fans can back the foundation).

What about us the fans? What do we do? Well my own personal opinion is that we do the one thing many of us have threatened to walk away from, we need to SUPPORT the club and get behind the team on the park. If you have held off buying a season ticket then go buy one. If you have stopped going to games because of the atmosphere surrounding Tannadice then start going along again. We need to get atmosphere, positivity and camaraderie back amongst the United fans. For far too long we have been divided and things have felt fractured. Fans arguing with other fans over social media despite all of us wanting the same thing. The team on the park need our backing, the club need our support and for one another we need to get back to being UNITED.


I hope that tomorrow we see an instant reaction and we get a good crowd for the game against Arbroath. It might only be the early stages of a tournament that we have realistically little or no chance of winning but it would be great that on a nice summer’s day, the day after this breaking news, that we see a good, vocal and supportive crowd getting behind a team that will hopefully guide us back to the Premiership.

Once the dust settles we can start to look at the details of this deal but for now we need to unite as a fanbase and get back to ‘enjoying’ the thing we all follow United for, the football on the park.