Match Review – Dundee United vs Ross County

I can’t even….(but I will)

I’m half writing this about an hour or two after the game but I’m also keeping one eye on any potential news from Tannadice because surely, SURELY this is the end for Csaba Laszlo? I really hope this post is a waste of time because he cannot survive today and he must be packing his bags. My absolute fear is that he is at home tonight watching Strictly having been told that he is getting yet more time to turn things around. This is despite the board saying earlier in the season that he had a target of 18 points per quarter. That is now unachievable and it is imperative the board act on this.

With 30 minutes to go this afternoon we were 5-1 down to Ross County. This was against a team we are meant to be competing with for the Championship title. On the 75 minute mark I took the following picture of the George Fox Stand and for me it should be the picture that Mike Martin uses as motivation for the sacking of Laszlo…


Take a look at this. Today was one of the most important games in our league campaign but take a look at this photograph of the people who give up their time and money to watch the team they love. This is a disgrace. Mike Martin and friends please do the right thing and make an immediate change for the sake of this club and for the sake of the business. You are losing fans and you are losing revenue. The current manager WILL NOT get this team promoted and the fundamental truth is that your supporters deserve better.

The fans have been blamed for dividing things and creating a negative atmosphere but the simple fact is that the club itself have brought us here. It is a horrible time to support United but we STILL have a fantastic fanbase with potential for big crowds. You only have to look at the numbers that travel up and down the country to see that the support is there but you will lose them unless you act now. People around me today, people who have bought season ticket after season ticket were saying that they will not go back to Tannadice until Laszlo is gone. This isn’t your fair-weather fan or onlooker who goes to the odd game, this is your core support who plough hundreds and hundreds of pounds into the club loyally each season. You magnify that and we are talking about hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost revenue if things are to continue.

At half-time today I sent a tweet about having a bit of sympathy for Laszlo. To clarify this is not sympathy for him as a manager. He is an eccentric, bizarre and uninspiring coach who looks like he is having a breakdown during every match. The sympathy I had for him today was for the isolated 45 minutes in the first half when players sold the jersey and will probably lose him his job as a result. The players are not blameless in all of this. Yes Laszlo seemingly cannot organise and motivate a squad but for Yannick Loemba to miss a glaring chance after one minute, for Jamie Robson to be badly out of position for THREE goals and for our goalkeeper Matej Rakovan to have an absolute nightmare is not all his fault. He signed the players and he puts them out every week but they are absolutely guilty by association in all of this. The second half today was as embarrassing as I have seen it in my 23 or so years watching United. As for Stewart Murdoch, someone who Laszlo has praised in the past for being a good pro who trains well? Cheerio pal.

Amazingly and astonishingly we are actually still not that far off the top of the table which makes it all the more vital for the board to get rid of the manager and start again. If they do this and do it now then we can at least try to make a go of it. The squad is of a decent quality and under the right guidance we can be title challengers but the longer we leave it the further we fall.

If the board decide to stick with Laszlo then I cannot honestly see any United fan travelling to Ayr next week and when the next home game comes around you are looking at a sub-3000 crowd. Which again raises the point that even if Martin and Laszlo get on well and the chairman still wants to support the manager, he can’t. The BUSINESS will suffer and we are staring into the abyss if we continue to haemorrhage money with no supporters and no chance of achieving promotion. This isn’t a “well we’ll see what happens this year and if we don’t get up then we can go again next season”, this is a critical period in this club’s history and I shudder to think what Dundee United look like if we fail to win promotion this season.

Talking of failure I will end on this. It isn’t a very original line based on today’s social media responses but what was it that Mike Martin said only a few months ago?

“We won’t reward failure.”

Prove it.