2018/19 Championship Mid-Term Report Card – Inverness Caledonian Thistle

Inverness Caledonian Thistle. A footballing conundrum. They have collected what seems to be an almost world record amount of draws so far this season and, in amongst this, they have also managed to amass huge number of games unbeaten. Speak to fans though and you will get sense of this side actually having a poor season in terms of performance standards and the football on show. The league position is still strong enough to remain in touch with those at the top but there is still huge room for improvement.

Given the ‘on paper’ strength of this division it has been a welcome boost for Caley that teams like Falkirk and Partick have struggled badly. It has allowed them to elevate their own position and despite their apparent poor performances they must still be a shoe-in for a playoff spot come the end of the season. The Championship doesn’t do guarantees so although they will fancy their chances they must improve.

January Wishlist – More attacking intent and creativity. That might not necessarily come in the shape of new strikers but they need more going forward and they need to convert more chances. Don’t we all….

Player of the Season (so far) – A difficult one this given the very ‘meh’ performances across the board. I’ve always rated Liam Polworth but things have been a bit rocky on that front given the relationship between him and a small number of fans.

Predicted Finish – 4th.

Manager Grade – John Robertson – C. I’ve always said that I still don’t see Robertson as a manager who is capable and has the ability to elevate a team. He strikes me as someone who is a decent enough person and very positive but I still feel as though the club needs to maybe look at someone else eventually. In many ways they are on track but their position feels a little false and I don’t look at Robertson as the right man for them.

Overall Grade – C. The Championship is an unforgiving place and for teams like Inverness it can be difficult. Their operating budget is okay but others in the league have more attractive wage structures. They are a club who seem to be okay on the face of it but fans aren’t as convinced and the team on the park are unreliable. I think what I am trying to say is that Inverness need to figure out what it is they want. They have enjoyed success in recent years but now that they find themselves in the Championship for the second year in a row what are the plans? Do their board see themselves as title challengers in the Championship? I’m still to be convinced.