2018/19 Championship Mid-Term Report Card – Partick Thistle

To be honest, nothing I write can do this justice. I’m an outsider and it would need a Partick Thistle fan to paint a true picture of the shambles we are currently witnessing at Firhill.

After relegation through the playoffs last year it was vital that Thistle steadied the ship before an attack on the Championship. This did not happen over the summer and the uncertaintity that followed the club has seen performances on the park reach an all-time low.

Deciding to part with Alan Archibald was probably the right call at the time but the appointment of Gary Caldwell has been a bit of a disater so far and has not brought in any improvment.

The club are suffering from the age old problem of instability and poor recruitment which leads to a cloud hanging around the club and one that will take a long time to get rid of. They are genuine relegation candidates and things are looking bleak.

January Wishlist – The problem here is that Partick, like a few others, need a squad rebuild and need to make sure it is done correctly. Doing this in January never really seems to work abnd at the moment it hasn’t. They have made plenty moves so far and brought in an number of players but the whole club needs a lift and needs to re-organise.

Player of the season (so far) – Nobody worth mentioning and it would be a token thing if I did even attempt to talk someone up. The squad and the staff have let the fans down and not in a “poor run of form” way but in a destructive and long-term way.

Predicted Finish – 8th (this was pre-January, now it is looking more like 9th or 10th)

Manager Grade – Alan Archibald – F. The right call to let the long-serving manager go but one that maybe could have come sooner in order for the club to properly plan last summer.

Manager Grade – Gary Caldwell – F – I feel a little harsh in giving a manager a grade so early on but truth be told he has not really shown anything positive yet. He has also alientated the fans given the treatment of Chirs Erskine. This might not be a particularly long appointment.

Overall Grade – F. Who knows where this all leads. It is looking bleak and it seems as though the mood at Partick cannot be lifted. In comparison you look at Falkirk who are in a similar position, they at least have a sense of optimism about the next few months. There is literally nothing positive about Partick Thistle at the moment.