January Window – 2021

This is going to be a short one…

The aim of this post (and I try to have a similar one each window), is to keep a ‘live’ view on the United squad. It has some detail on our contracts and it will be updated with any official club news or signings.

I full expect this month to be incredibly quiet on the signing front, and it is obvious that the club is trying to cut costs, rather than add any. So, the only real activity might be players departing, either on a free transfer, or if an asset like Siegrist is sold to help with our cash flow.

On forums and social media pages, people often ask about the current contract status of the first-team squad, so hopefully the information below is of some use…

The Squad

* signings highlighted in green

* departures highlighted in red

* players with expiring (or expired) contracts highlighted in orange


Benji Siegrist – Contracted until June 2022 

Deniz Mehmet – Contracted until June 2022

Jack Newman – Contracted until June 2022


Jamie Robson – Contracted until June 2022 

Mark Reynolds – Contracted until June 2022 

Mark Connolly – Contracted until June 2023 

Liam Smith – Contracted until June 2023 (Contract Extension)

Adrian Sporle – Contracted until June 2022 

Ross Graham – Contracted until June 2022 (on-loan at Cove Rangers)

Lewis Neilson – Contracted until June 2022

Kieran Freeman – Contracted until June 2022 (on-loan at Peterhead)

Ryan Edwards – Contracted until June 2022


Paul McMullan – Contracted until June 2021 (has signed pre-contract with Dundee)

Calum Butcher – Contracted until June 2023 

Cammy Smith – Contracted until January 2021 (out of contract)

Ian Harkes – Contracted until June 2022

Peter Pawlett – Contracted until June 2021 

Adam King – Contracted until June 2022 

Declan Glass – Contracted until June 2022 

Logan Chalmers – Contracted until June 2022 

Chris Mochrie – Contracted until June 2022 (on-loan at Montrose)

Dillon Powers – Contracted until June 2021

Luke Bolton – On-Loan from Manchester City until June 2021

Jeando FuchsContracted until June 2022

Florent Hoti – Contracted until June 2022 (on-loan at Forfar)


Nicky ClarkContracted until June 2023 – Contract Extension

Lawrence Shankland – Contracted until June 2022 

Louis Appere – Contracted until June 2022 

Logan Chalmers – Contracted until June 2022

Marc McNulty – On-loan from Reading until June 2021

Youth Players Who Currently Appear on United’s ‘First Team’ Squad Page

There are a few players who probably sit in that bracket of being too young to be considered first team players who have featured on the bench this season. It is also the case that United have actually ‘graduated’ some young players to the first-team page on the website.

Gathering information on the following players and their contracts is a bit more challenging, and some information is not readily available.

The players that fall into this bracket are – Jake Davidson, Nathan Cooney (currently at Kelty), Archie Meekison (currently at Spartans), Kai Fotheringham, Kerr Smith (signed until 2023) and Darren Watson.

Club News

7th January

It has been confirmed that Paul McMullan has signed a pre-contract agreement with Dundee. There is no indication yet that a deal might be done to secure his services in January, but it would make sense (if it could happen) for United to maybe facilitate an early exit for a nominal fee and to reduce the wage bill.

McMullan was a big part of our Championship ‘era’ and he did always give his best, however it is the case (in my opinion) that he is one of those upper end of the Championship players who will always be a threat and an important contributor at that level, but someone who can’t quite make the step up to the top-flight.

Good luck for the future Paul.

14th January

Nicky Clark has today signed a two-year extension to his current deal. He will be at United until the summer of 2023.

15th January

Liam Smith joins Nicky Clark in signing a two-year contract extension until June 2023.