In a state of utter boredom, that’s why I am writing this blog.

Really though it is probably a mixture of me wanting to do something a little different, or indeed trying to fulfil the age old feeling that that everyone has inside of them; “I could write a book you know”.

This isn’t going to be a book, but it might become a collection of musings, facts, stories and images that interest me and that are primarily football related.

As a proud 30ish year old Scotsman football is a massive part of who I am, and I am an advocate for football in relation to how positive it can be. It gets a bad press sometimes and the game itself is usually run by people with self interests and greed but I do still think football is one of those global things that can bring people together and make a difference.

So my main objective (if I don’t become lazy) is to regularly update this blog with things that people might want to read about or look at.

I also secretly hope, just like all football fans who play every week, that someone somewhere will read this and go “the boy has talent, sign him up!” and I go on to become a world class sports journalist……aye right!


Finally I should probably declare my allegiances as a football fan, just so anyone reading this can immediately make assumptions about the content of my character.

So….Dundee United, Forfar Athletic, 1860 Munich and of course Scotland. There,that wasn’t so bad.