Is the Calico Storico the most brutal sport on earth? Judge for yourself but it certainly looks like it! The name (meaning ‘historic football’) comes from the sport created in the the 16th century in ancient Rome. It features incredibly brutal punches and kicks (it is played using both hands and feet) and is played in teams of 27. There […]

For those of a certain age who yearns for the days of indoor football competitions on our screens (see the Tennent’s Sixes) it should be known that the first major indoor footballing event was actually scheduled in 1905. The following story details that tournament and is taken from a Guardian article, that was adapted from a […]

Everybody focuses so much on new kits and kit designs that we sometimes forget about the shorts we all wear. Well, if you have ever wondered what the evolution of football shorts might look like then wonder no more as website have provided a handy guide to answer all of our short based needs. […]

Deportes Tolima are a professional football club based in Colombia. They were formed in 1954 and have had some moderate success in Colombian football. The ‘glory years’ for the team were undoubtedly in the late 1970s and early 1980s and if you ask a fan of El Vinotinto y Oro about that side they will tell you […]

A set of footballing icons given a retro makeover by the supremely talented artist Chris Moran.   Follow Chris Moran on Twitter here.