Tomorrow night United travel to Dingwall in the aftermath of a pretty dire result on Saturday and one that has already soured the fans view of Laszlo and his new look side. In my Arbroath match review I said that the game against County would be a more “truthful” test of this United side and […]

Well it must be said that being a United fan is sometimes worryingly predictable. After all of the good vibes from yesterday and a seemingly positive build up this morning it is reassuring that United still can’t let us be happy all of the time. Of course it is still very, very early in the […]

Well, well, well, 72 hours seems a long time ago but it was on Tuesday fans were met with the devastating news that a deal to sell Stephen Thompson’s shares in United was off. Fast forward to Friday the 13th and we are now all jubilant as the club have officially announced all of Thompson’s […]

The football is back! That’s if you don’t include one of the best World Cups in living memory or the three friendlies we have played in this pre-season (two of them behind closed doors). It is actually a very strange feeling going back into a season during a World Cup year as it does feel […]

Well folks it is time for the third and final part of this ‘thrilling’ look back at the 1997/98 Dundee United squad. If you weren’t already depressed after hearing Tuesday’s news regarding Thompson’s shares then please feel free to read on as we look at some ridiculously good talent that we used to have at […]

In the past hour or so it has been reported that the deal to sell Stephen Thompson’s shares in United has collapsed. It has been common knowledge for some time that something has been happening behind the scenes but for most the general rumour involved Americans and not, as it has been reported today, local […]

After the very ‘wordy’ first part it is probably best to just fire straight in to this 1997/98 United squad. To begin with let’s look at the Goalkeepers and Defenders. Goalkeepers What can you say about Sieb Dijkstra that hasn’t already been said? I mean Sports Interactive did spell his second name wrong but I […]