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‘I See Football Everywhere’

Dan Leydon is fantastic. He has featured a few times on this blog with his unique take on all things football. His ‘Footballer Style’ was a take on the hairstyles of footballers through the ages and the ‘Footballing Philosophies’ project looked at some famous styles of play associated with various clubs and countries.

This time Dan has decided to take the everyday logos that we take for granted and add a footballing twist. Some of these are brilliant and they fit so well with the names. Hats off to you Dan! See more of his work here.

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3rd Kits Selecciones Adidas

Well I am definitely a sucker for a good old kit design and the best usually end up on The time we have designer ‘Franco’ (follow him on Twitter here) take on Adidas and some alternative ‘3rd’ kits for various countries throughout the world. With Adidas now launching their kits for the next few years, maybe they should have a look at some of these…

Firstly the Scotland effort. Not sure what I make of it (although it is probably better than the current actual kits)


The rest of the collection…

adidas-3-selecciones-11-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-10-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-07-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-05-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-09-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-04-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-06-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-08-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-02-800x800 adidas-3-selecciones-01-800x800


Football and Religion

Don’t worry! As a Scottish football fan when the words football and religion are put together there are terrible thoughts that appear, but fear not this is a more playful take on what happens when football and religion mix. It is the latest in a long line of posts on this blog that mixes together an idea and a set of football kits. This time it is a collaboration between two of the artists that were responsible for the ‘Football and Babies’ project from yesterday. Miguel Sousa and Francisco Pancho Cassis have created a series of football kits inspired by religion that also answer the question – “Football is our religion. Shouldn’t our religion be football too?”

So, why can’t football and religion mix? Well I would be slightly worried if these teams ended up playing one another…

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Football and Babies

Most new fathers have that little feeling that one day their child might, just might, become the greatest footballer of all time. Before that though comes the challenge of naming your newborn. Imagine though, that football and baby naming somehow are connected as if by magic? Well if you want to give your child a proper football name then maybe you should have a read of this book first…


‘My Future Football Star’ is a book (that doesn’t exist unfortunately) which aims to mix football and baby naming by presenting you with a guide to famous footballing names and what they mean (maybe you fancy naming them after a famous number 10 for example). It has been designed by a team of people from Spain (look here) and as the designers tell us  – “It’s not only a book of baby names explained with football, but also your baby’s first shirt.”

Take a look for yourself at this fantastic project (that totally should exist but sadly doesn’t)…

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So, no pressure then, your future star awaits you!