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Have You Seen the Facilities? – Ajax De Toekomst

‘De Toekomst’ translates as ‘the future’. Welcome to the home of Ajax Amsterdam and their legendary training ground. 1017px-Ajax_Amsterdam.svgBuilt in the mid 1990s De Toekomst boasts some of the most advanced and developed training facilities in world football. The Ajax Academy has always been a leader in developing young talent and they are still a benchmark for clubs all over the globe.


The complex has nine football pitches (a mixture of grass and artificial) as well as a 5,000 capacity stadium where the Ajax reserve and youth teams host their matches. There are weights rooms, gymnasiums and swimming pools that all Ajax staff can use as part of training or for conditioning. In terms of staff there are hundreds of people who work every day to provide the Ajax players with everything they need. You can find coaches, chefs, doctors, dieticians and even teachers who provide education to many of the young Ajax stars. The whole facility is geared towards ensuring that Ajax continue to develop future internationalists and they regularly have former Dutch internationalists and Ajax players come in to meet the youngsters to give them coaching and inspiration. In total there are 14 youth teams connected with the Amsterdam side.

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Vintage Kit Designs

A set of unbelievably nice kits designed by Italian artist Emilio Sansolini. The kits are all  visually stunning with the designs both simple and elegant.

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Feyenoord v Ajax – What a way to start a match…

What a way to introduce a match. Dutch filmmaker Ben de Graaf was approached to make an opening shot for last week’s Eredivisie clash between Feyenoord and Ajax. The result is a single shot segment that looks more like a computer game than a real life match. It provides a unique view of what the players experience on the pitch and it is an astonishing piece of film.