After seven years at the helm of Borussia Dortmund today was Jürgen Klopp’s farewell match at home. The charismatic manager has decided to call time on a very successful and eventful period in charge of Dortmund. His next step in football is still a mystery but hopefully it will not be too long before we see […]

There is no doubting Borussia Dortmund’s place at football’s top table when it comes to iconic clubs. The German side have one of the greatest footballing arenas on the planet and they fill it every other week with some of the world’s best fans. Unfortunately, despite this the club have recently been involved in several […]

Have you ever wondered what a club crest would look like in the colours of the side’s main rivals? Me neither. However just incase you are actually person who does imagine what the logos of Bayern, Real Madrid, Inter Milan would all look like in the colours of their rivals then you need imagine no more… […]

A set of geometric club logos by French artist Edouard Allegret.