Well folks it is time for the third and final part of this ‘thrilling’ look back at the 1997/98 Dundee United squad. If you weren’t already depressed after hearing Tuesday’s news regarding Thompson’s shares then please feel free to read on as we look at some ridiculously good talent that we used to have at […]

After the very ‘wordy’ first part it is probably best to just fire straight in to this 1997/98 United squad. To begin with let’s look at the Goalkeepers and Defenders. Goalkeepers What can you say about Sieb Dijkstra that hasn’t already been said? I mean Sports Interactive did spell his second name wrong but I […]

I haven’t always been a football addict. Anyone who knows me understands that my life is very much dominated by the beautiful game but it hasn’t always been like this. Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoyed football growing up but I never truly obsessed about it until the 1997/98 season. The point of this […]