Friday Night Lights, you can’t beat it. Admit it, there is something great about a match under the lights isn’t there? And on a Friday night? Count me in. I am a self-confessed fan of Friday night football and when the stakes are this high it is impossible not to get excited about the prospect […]

I’m not a religious person but when it comes to football then maybe I can be convinced that there is some kind of higher power given that the potential people in charge have certainly found it in their hearts to give us a bit of a helping hand over the last 10 days. We’ve taken […]

Right, full disclosure, I’m not going to Dingwall. I am gutted. I have to be at a wedding tomorrow and it means that I will miss the most important game of the season so far (friend who is getting married, if you are reading this, then please ignore the last sentence). Tomorrow’s encounter will provide […]

Look in all seriousness I am going to struggle to fill even 500 words every week if we keep playing well and everything stays so positive. We again have a Saturday night filled with no worries, no drama and no anger, which is taking a bit of getting used to. There is also a whole […]

And so we edge towards the end of another very positive week. I can’t truly explain the difference in mood amongst United fans at the moment but the social media landscape and the feeling in the stands is a million miles away from what it was in the weeks before the previous manager’s sacking. That, […]