Let’s get one thing straight, the playoffs are a time for unwavering support. This blog post will be a positive one, a supportive one and one that will hopefully lift the spirits a little. ┬áThese upcoming fixtures may lead to nothing but as long as we are in the playoffs the reality is that we […]

I decided earlier in the week that I wouldn’t do too many ‘Match Review’ posts over the next few weeks and that I would stick to the ‘Previews’ instead. This is partly due to the fact that we have so many games coming up that it would be too much hassle but the main reason […]

In normal circumstances a result like last week’s 6-1 humiliation against Falkirk may have resulted in me boycotting the next away game as a form of protest but unfortunately Steak Bridies exist in this world and I cannot say no to an East End Park Steak Bridie (or two). The reality though is that, despite […]

There is little doubt that United fans will be approaching Saturday’s game against Dunfermline with some anger still to subside after the 6-1 thrashing against Falkirk. It was one of the worst performances in living memory and will take a long time to get over. One group of people who do need to move on, […]

I like Dunfermline. East End Park was the first regular away ground for me and my dad so I have always enjoyed going to watch football there. There is also the small matter of the best food in football (I am more than happy to queue behind a dodgy ticket scanner for hours to get […]