All of the talk pre-match was of Csaba Laszlo being on his last legs as United manager. As the team and the fans travelled to Dumfries there was the very real possibility of us being without a manager by the end of the day but as it turned out Laszlo had a surprise in store […]

There is definitely more than a hint of madness in this United fan. After the final whistle last Saturday I was all for chucking it and spent the journey home cursing the players, the manager and everything about the club I have been watching every week since I was about 12 years old. Fast forward […]

A big thank you to everyone who read the first part of this preview (published yesterday, it can be found here). Thank you also to anyone who has given me feedback or sent me messages to comment on my thoughts, even if it was to disagree with me! The Scottish Championship is wildly unpredictable and […]

A week is a long time in football. After I published my St.Mirren match preview I was sent three separate messages via Twitter and Facebook accusing me of being overly pessimistic. I would argue that the match preview didn’t contain anything that wasn’t true and that it was written after a series of very, very […]

Should football be enjoyed or endured? The more I think about that question the more I think it is the latter. On Saturday, in the bitterly cold weather, we yet again witnessed an insipid Dundee United performance and one that can be added to a very long and growing list. The club is planning on […]